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Dhamma Nasika Course schedule

Vipassana Meditation Center, Nashik, Maharastra, India

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The schedule of 10 day and other Vipassana courses at Dhamma Nasika is available at the following page. You can also do online booking from this page.

If you wish to register using a manual system, please download and mail the 
registration form .
For additional information please contact:

Nashik Vipassana Kendra

Dhamma Nasika 
Opp. Water Filtration Plant, Shivaji Nagar, Satpur,

Nashik 422 222; Maharashtra, India.
Phones: [91](0253) 320 3677, 651 6242
Mobiles: 9371623300, 9822513244.
E-Mail: info@nasika.dhamma.org

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Courses for Children

Children's courses are designed for children 8 to 12 years of age, preferably accompanied by an adult meditator of this tradition. Please write to us for a special Children's Course information packet and application form.

Teenagers Course - A  7-day Vipassana course is available for Teenagers [15 years (completed) to 19 years] only. Please write to us for more info and schedule of the same.